An Irish Entertainer / Songwriter from Cork City, Ireland. I have a lot of shows under my belt and a number of recording projects released. These days it’s less shows and more writing, recording and producing.
Photo by Noel Curran

Here you will be able to sample my music, watching some videos,purchase my recordings get notified of any upcoming shows or fundraising events.

I will also have my song lyrics posted and maybe even a few bits of poetry.

Andy. πŸ˜†


During the Covid 19 Pandemic outbreak, I have been presenting Live Streams on my FaceBook Page every Friday evening at 8:30pm (Irish Time). This is a good opportunity to see me playing without leaving the comfort of your own home.


With well over 30 years experience in recording, I have decided to open up my Spare Room Studio to other Songwriters and Performers to use for the purpose of Pre and Post Recording. I am also offering Remote Recording Services. To Enquire click here.

Preparation is the key to good results. I know this because I’ve learned from my own mistakes.

Too many times in the past I’ve wasted time and money by not being properly prepared for recording in a studio. The process of preparation is technically known as Pre-production.


Includes; Song Lyric and Melody editing and arranging. Recording demos to try out different ideas. Deciding on instrumentation, structure and desired overall “vibe”.

Not only does this work make the flow of the recording process faster but it also helps in no small way with Post-Production.

Ya! I know what you’re thinking…


Ok, you recorded your songs in a studio giving the process as much attention to detail as possible. You have driven your recording engineer mad and although he really “enjoyed” to session he can’t wait to see the back of your “artistic ass” ha ha

So what next?

The songs must be mixed. They must be mastered. Well?, that’s if you actually intend to share them with the rest of the world πŸ™‚

These parts of the recording process are things I’m really passionate about. Because of this my rates are really affordable if you have a half decent budget for the project.

“Trust me, it’s money well spent” – The Actress to The Bishop


Need an affordable solution for Pre & Post Production?

  • Demo your ideas, you don’t wait to do this in the recording studio, it can eat through your recording budget.
  • Recieve advice / mentoring on preparing and planning recording sessions. Getting a “Good” Vocal Take etc.

Note: Sht goes in , Sht comes out.

  • Be Studio Ready .
  • Save Money.

*And after the recording process, make your songs Streaming, CD and Radio Ready.

  • The recording studio you choose will love you for it. πŸ˜‰

If you think you may benefit from this then to Enquire click here or Email srs@andydunne.com


For so many years people have asked me the question… “Do you teach Guitar?”. My answer was always the same…“No I don’t “.

So I have decided, not so much to teach guitar but to Mentor players. If you are a person who has an understanding of chords, musicality and rhythm but you find yourself Stuck playing the same chords with the same rhythm patterns then I want to help you get Unstuck and become a better and more advanced player. If you think you may benefit from this then to Enquire click here. about Online one-to-one sessions.

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