All rights reserved. Copyright Andy Dunne 2018 IMRO

Broken Pieces

Verse 1

So many times in my life
I should have felt so scared
Times that would have killed a grown man
I never seemed to feel fear
While hanging from a thread
I couldn’t bring myself to understand

Yet, these days, I’m haunted
By the hidden and untold
I find that I’m imprisoned in myself
I miss the child I left behind
On that gurney, freezing cold
He deserved a life with no regrets


Chorus 1

I took his broken pieces
I took his very name
I took the very air that he would breath
Now all those broken pieces
Still with me, to my shame
Are all that I can ever hope to be

Verse 2

This is my apology
To a child I never knew
A child who could have forged a better me
I didn’t mean to turn my back
On you all those years ago
The only way to kill those memories.


Buried deep, so I believed
In that unmarked grave
But now my mind’s a darker place
For turning away

Chorus 2

I took your broken pieces
I took your very smile
I had no past and so no future I could see
Now all those broken pieces
Still with me, all the while
Are all that I can ever hope to be

Broken pieces of you and me.

So Long 

Verse One

I’m saying goodbye, to a rainy day friend
I’ve found the courage after years pretence
No easy decision, but it just has to be
I need to fix the broken pieces in me.




So long, so long
It’s taken so long
So long, so long, so long.

Verse two

This won’t be easy, of that I am sure
Live a day without your shoulder,
Pick myself up from the floor.
I’m tired of bad decisions, and beating myself down
Playing, the only game in town

Instrumental break

Verse three

I gave you my money and most of my time,
You stole my laughter and most of my mind
But Their were two of us in this right, from the start
At least, I’m walking away with my heart

Chorus x 2

Instrumental Outro.

Take This Man

Verse 1

If all we need, is time and space

Then take a look at this man’s face.

You’ll find the end to all your fears

It’s written here, between the years.

Then put those thoughts upon a shelf

And bit by bit just help yourself

I’ll gladly be your stepping stone

So take it all and go…


Take the colour from my eyes

Take the freedom I was born with

Take the anger and the hate

Take as much as you can stand

And when all your dreams are gone

Take mine to keep you going

Take my breaking beating heart

Take this man

Verse 2

What a fool I’d be to crave perfection

So I’ll carry on, I’ll carry on in vein.

If all you need is mine to give you

Then take it all, take the pain.

Chorus to finish. 

All rights reserved. Copyright Andy Dunne 2018 IMRO