On a recent trip to Germany with Galleon I was given the most amazing birthday gift.

The lads in Galleon and Höhner flew my wife over to Köln to be with me for my 50th birthday. We were all on stage at the Kôln Philharmonie playing with the amazing Jünge Symphony Orchestra Köln when Sandra was brought on stage.

Photo by Daniela Decker

It was just the most amazing feeling ever. I mean, playing in such a wonderful venue,with so many brilliant friends, getting to sing my own song LOVE  with an orchestra on the evening of my 50th birthday and then seeing my wife walk on stage!!

I will never in my whole life forget how it felt. It was just so amazing and such a wonderful gesture from my musical family.

Sandra stayed for three days and loved it. I have a feeling she’ll be visiting me on tour a lot more often.  ❤️❤️

Photo by Daniela Decker