Hi all, I’ve decided to write a little every week about DREW #PROJECT7016.

I want to start by thanking those who funded the project, basically it wouldn’t have been possible at all without your support 😍.

The idea for forming DREW and recording #PROJECT7016 came after a burst of song writing and yet another hospital stay. This particular time in hospital was both frightening and eye opening.

Cork University Mercy Hospital 2017

Haven been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and related complications, I was facing my own mortality again.

Since childhood, this has been a recurring event ; facing my own mortality. But something about this was very different. So after some surgery, treatment and months of recovery, I decided to document my thoughts in the form of a music collection.

The idea was not only to talk about my “normal ” life but also to take my musical influences and use those as vehicles for my lyrics. This makes the collection very eclectic musically while also having a lyrical common thread.

The more I work on it, the more I’m realising how big the chance I’m taking is. This is not the kind of stuff Andy Dunne is known for but it is very much me. I’m hoping sincerely that those who have backed me with this will be proud to have done so and also that people might find parts of their own lives in these songs.

I’ll write some more on DREW soon.

Kind Regards, Andy